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Princess Nellie


A few weeks ago a baby Prince was born across the pond…

Two days ago a little Princess was born down the street from me.

All these Princes and Princesses…

Every child is born a Prince…a Princess…a very special and unique child of GOD. HE loves them from the moment they are conceived.

With the birth of a child comes many emotions and a blessed cause for wonder…and hope…hope in things eternal, like love.

How beautiful life is now YOU are in the world…

You Prince George and YOU Princess Nellie and YOU thousands of babies born in between their birth days! LIFE is more beautiful because YOU have been born, because YOU are in the world!

And a special message to those thousands of Princes and Princesses torn from their mother’s wombs during this same time period. Your throne is not earthly because darkness and ignorance prevail. Yet you wear a crown in Heaven that was promised you at conception..the crown of life and LOVE eternal.


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