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Look, it’s a bathroom, no, it’s a kitchen…no, it’s my Garage!


Sunday. Sunday dinner. We gather together to reconnect and to enjoy each other’s company while relishing something delicious from my kitchen.

Normally we gather around tables in my dining and living room area. But in the summer, if the weather permits, we will eat outside or in the summer kitchen, aka, the garage.

Yes, usually a garage is for protecting your car from the elements, but if you have an ounce of Italian blood running through your veins, a garage is for entertaining…

While I was on my way to my “l’estate cucina” (summer kitchen in Italian) to set things up for this afternoon’s Sunday Dinner, I had to chuckle at this big room that makes no sense from an INTERIOR DECORATOR’s eye. But, how poetically beautiful it is to me and my family.

How to describe this place…this room…hmmmm…

First, there are two big tables. Both from my childhood home on Teppert St. in Detroit. One is a huge Duncan Phyfe table given to my Mom from a dear neighbor, and the other is a more modern formica topped round table Mama had purchased in the late 60’s. Then there is Grandpa Pete’s antique 1912 National Cash Register he used for many years in his Barber Shop. That hefty relic which only tallies a grand total of 3.00 adorns the countertop while a plethora of used San Marzano tomato cans (I use these for vases!) grace the shelves which store even more trinkets necessary to run a smooth kitchen. A POTATO RICER which is a must for making GNOCCHI, a FOOD MILL, favorite bowls, and wooden blocks that spell out BABE and THERESA. BABE and THERESA are my parents who have passed away physically but spiritually remain alive in our hearts…especially when we are in the kitchen…in the garage…eating spaghetti with Mama’s sauce and tossed salad with ceci beans!

Also, there is an Antique stained glass window depicting St. Bartholomew (patron Saint of hospitality) which hangs in the 6X9 foot picture window my Uncle roger gave to Daddy because this room needed more LIGHT. Then why stop with one window…Daddy knocked out another wall and installed a bay window…and a door wall! This room is well lit! For festive days there are lights, Christmas lights (strategically hung on the rafters with care) the old fashioned 4 watt bulbs that glow colors and feelings which say in their beaming, “Yes, this is what life is all about.” Actually, AMORE is what life is all about, but lights have a way of saying that in a special way. In Italy, instead of saying it with flowers, they say everything with lights…and flowers, too!

There are chandeliers hanging from the tall ceiling in the garage which were no longer needed inside my home. One is from a famous restaurant from the downtown Detroit area which closed and had a GARAGE SALE! Like, it was meant to be hanging in our garage…Mama carried this monstrocity four blocks to the car…it was something she had to have! We love it, too!

There are bookshelves filled with books, no! Bookshelves filled with bar glasses and games…

Well, I only meant to post a pic of an old bathroom sink sitting in an old Italian spirited garage. The beauty of the worn porcelain sink being used as a potato bin struck me hard this morning. The rose painted mural Emily painted around the door for Theresa’s Wedding Shower with the sink my father-in-law used in his barber shop and then used in his garden to rinse his vegetables every summer (Yes, this too, was in the garage!) made me realize the whimsy of life…the beauty of some old things used in lovingly new ways.

YIKES! It’s time to get ready for Mass and check “Mama’s sauce” simmering on the stove…

I’ll set the table later…wondering which linen tablecloth to use today. The white one which echoes cheers from the past, or the red, white and blue one which will hide the sauce dribbles…

HAPPY SUNDAY…from my garage, my beautiful Italiano cucina, to yours!


3 thoughts on “Look, it’s a bathroom, no, it’s a kitchen…no, it’s my Garage!

  1. That is adorable! I was just in someone’s garage the other day, and they keep it immaculate. But I still remember thinking, “if I ever had a garage, I would not care if it was just a garage – I would still make it pretty. Hang little pictures, paint the walls…like another room; even if it is a room for my car!”

    It looks like you have done that even better, and why not? It is very sweet!

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