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June blues…



Little plastic St. Francis lost his hands a few years ago when he fell on the tile floor in my kitchen. A few months ago I dropped him again and the base chipped off a chunk large enough to make him permanently disabled and unable to stand up oh his own.

I finally devised a way to have him stand tall and not fall every time I turned the faucet on. I found a big straw and placed it up the hollow middle of the statue. Then, I placed St. Francis in the nearly empty votive candle honoring Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Today while doing morning dishes I cleared the window ledge so I could tidy that area a bit. Before placing St. Francis and Our Lady back on the window ledge I noticed how battered that little statue of St. Francis had become. I also wondered why I hadn’t replaced him with a fresh and sturdy statue.

Now, upstairs to check my email.

Next to my computer is my husband’s table full of orchids. He is an avid fan of these beautiful flowers…beautiful and somewhat messy in their up keep…or rather his up keep of them is kind of messy. But, seriously, they are beautiful and John loves his “chids”.

On this table is an old vinyl tablecloth from a Christmas past. It keeps the overflow of water drips from ruining the table they adorn. Today the cartoonish red and white Santa faces popped out from their kelly green, not Christmas green, backdrop and made me wonder about time…seasons…

Now back downstairs in the laundry room.

A room with a view from the back door. Caught a glimpse of the patio now becoming lush and green and full of perennials in bloom. The leaves on the giant oak trees are all grown…sunrise, sunset.

Winter, Spring, Summer…Fall. An old James Taylor hit plays now in my heart…

Weird. For a brief moment or two while folding cloths I felt October…I longed for it…and summer hasn’t even begun! Winter was long…Spring was short…

Kids are out of school for the summer beginning tomorrow…

How wonderful bed sheets smelled from the fresh air and sunshine that dried them outdoors on rope lines…my Grama’s picture hanging on the bulletin board caught my eye…her sheets were always fresh…Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, if it wasn’t raining or below freezing Grama’s sheets dried outside on her clothesline…Mama’s too…

So many little things are tossed aside…in the name of progress or perfection?

St. Francis has no hands, can barely stand up straight even with support. Blooming orchids rest on a vinyl covering which inspires December things. It’s June. I love the days of pretzels and lemonade. Yet, in a queer little way, and not that I want summer to be over before it has even begun, I find myself entertaining thoughts of crickets chirping…and a little tiny piece of my soul is already longing for October.

June blues…even they are beautiful.


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