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A Little Clothesline


This little token of rememberance I put together yesterday was purely inspired by Blessed Mother Mary and the little patch of “forget-me-nots” blossoming right on time for Mother’s Day…

Gracing the worn statue of Blessed Mother Mary are these delicate blue flowers and their neighbors Signora Oregano, Mr. Chives and a few obnoxious squatters I just call, the Weeds…

While plucking a few “friends” from Mary’s garden, pleasant memories passed though my mind. I recalled how many people had statues of Mary or St. Francis in their gardens…how many springtime flowers brightened up my walk to school…how many clotheslines I’d see in my neighborhood full of fresh sheets, brightly colored polo shirts, stiff dark blue denim jeans, white cotton underwear all drying in the breeze and sunshine…mothers and Grandmothers tending that chore…and more likely than not, with prayers and wishes also attached to each garment hung.

Good memories. Good days.

In retrospect, they were very holy, very simple days.

So, this clothesline full of names of beautiful women from my past came to be this gorgeous day in May! White paper dresses with a name on each one are now gracing me with their presence through the presence of simple yet sacred things. My statue of Mother Mary surrounded by tiny blue flowers, herbs, weeds and a sunny day with a gentle spring breeze are all whispering very dear and familiar names to me…prayers are sent their way…smiles from Heaven being sent down to me and you…

As I catch the white paper robes dancing on my “Mother’s Day Clothesline” these next few days, I will be wishing all of us a wonderful Mother’s Day! And as sure as there is a Heaven above, the sun will be shining and there will be a gentle breeze…if not in our backyards where clotheslines and mothers once stood, at least in our hearts where they will always be remembered.

Statues of Mary…clotheslines…sunshine…things that remind me of our Mothers. Tiny blue flowers…gentle breezes…things that remind me to “forget-them-not”.


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