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The Rosary and Mama’s baking board


MAY. Besides being one of the top twelve most beautiful months in the year, it has been designated by the Catholic Church (this devotion arose among Jesuits in Rome in the late 18th century) as the month of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

In the Western Church, the rosary is the preeminent form of prayer to the Blessed Virgin Mary. MAY, the rosary prayer, and Blessed Mother go hand in hand…the word rosary comes from the Latin ROSARIUM, meaning CROWN of ROSES or GARLAND of Roses…how beautiful…I should say this prayer more often…

I place my rosary on Mama’s baking board. “This board has seen many loaves of bread made”, I thought as I looked at the large working space unbecomingly bare and now decorated with beads and a crucifix…I should start some sweet roll dough…

I began to play with the rosary as I drank my morning coffee. I shaped it into a heart…looked too much like Valentine’s day. Then I shaped it into a question mark. Rosary tonight…? Sweet roll dough?

MAY. Every night this month, at 6:30, the Grotto at St. Mary’s of Orchard Lake is the place to be. Rain or shine, this beautiful Mary prayer is said by people who gather together to be one voice, one voice calling on Mary’s intercession for so many of their personal intentions…many universal intentions…

Last night was the night for the LUMINOUS MYSTERIES, the MYSTERIES of LIGHT. Pope John Paul II introduced these new mysteries in 2002. In Pope John Paul II’s document on the Rosary, he reminds us, “The Rosary, though clearly Marian in character, is at heart a CHRIST-centered prayer…The whole mystery of Christ is a mystery of LIGHT. HE is the light of the world.” The BAPTISM of JESUS, the WEDDING FEAST AT CANA, JESUS’ PROCLAMATION of the KINGDOM, the TRANSFIGURATION, the INSTITUTION of the EUCHARIST…what beautiful events in the life of Jesus to meditate upon!

The fifth Luminous Mystery, Institution of the Eucharist, hit me hard last night…HE did not leave me orphaned…HE is my LIGHT…my BREAD of LIFE. “He who comes to me shall not hunger.” But, I do hunger for HIM more…I want to know HIM more…

This morning I think about this Marian Christ-centered prayer. I believe the Rosary can be a place, like Mama’s baking board, where good things will rise and take shape. I believe Blessed Mother Mary will always show me ways to love her Son more and more…

MAY. Mothers who love us in such sweet ways. Sweet roll dough. Mama’s bread board. The Rosary…here I come!


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