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April 29th…Italian bread with sesame seeds…


As I was sipping my morning coffee, Don Squirrellioni sat perched outside, high on a Oak tree broken branch stub. He goes there every morning and waits patiently for me to throw him yesterday’s bread leftovers…

There were no scraps from the grandkids PBJ, I thought sadly, and not one bite of crusts from the guys late nite snack time pizza! So, on days like this, I break up a couple slices of RUSSO Bakery Italiano Bread with Sesame seed! Yes, my little backyard critters are spoiled.

I tossed the rather large portions of bread pieces onto the lawn in the backyard…before I could say, “Buon appetito”, Don Squirrelioni snatched up his first chunk of bread and scurried back up the Oak tree with breakfast in his hand, and a smile on his face for sure!

Waiting for the day when I can catch his smile on camera…and drink a HOT cup of coffee!


2 thoughts on “April 29th…Italian bread with sesame seeds…

  1. That is one well fed little guy! Just look at the tummy on him! 🙂 Looking forward to that smile on camera! What a great way to start your morning!
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog and following me on my journey! I consider it an honor to have you follow along, and am so thankful to have you join me!
    I hope you have a wonderful week!

  2. This has got to be my favorite! Of course all of them are. I loved it and Mr. Don said it all! 🙂 Thanks so much for doing these and making my day! God Bless, SR

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