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The birds are singing…


I opened up one of my old cookbooks early this morning and this photo of my father and Grandfather fell out onto my lap. I was looking for a new twist on an old recipe for seafood pasta. I found myself bombarded with a bunch of things that old cookbooks and old photos stir up from the past.

The birds were singing in the background as I perused the cookbook and the photo. It was almost as if the birds were accompanying the music from my heart…Dad played the saxaphone and clarinet and was the leader of his own band since the tenth grade of High School. Grandpa was so proud of him. My mother was his number one fan!

“In the spring…in the spring…all the bells in the steeples are telling the people to sing…just because it is Spring!”

What this line from an old song that I had learned back in the fourth grade had to do with anything this morning I’m not exactly sure. Except that maybe it had everything to do with the wave of nostalgia brought to mind and heart because of this trip down memory lane.

There is a song in everyone’s heart. Sometimes, if you have been blest like me, this song is discovered very early in life and it is encouraged to “play” because of, love! Because of someone we loved or because of someone who loved us, a beautiful song plays in our hearts.

One April day, the warming temps and the grass becoming more green invited the newest song I learned in Sister Irma’s music class to burst from inside of me as I ran all the way home from school. Such sweet days! Days when an April shower made me think of April love…Pat Boone…romance; days when after a day (or days) full of rain the sky cleared just in time for the sun to set on the horizon in a sea of pink and gold…a sunset that God had made just for me!

This mild mid April morning with the birds singing their song, God reminded me of the little things He lovingly placed in my life. Like a father and mother who made me hear all the beautiful songs that were planted in my heart…and still sung today.


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