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Catching the evening Son

It was a beautiful sunset…the joy it brought to me instantly dissolved the drab gray garb the sky (and my disposition) had been wearing for days…

When I arrived back home from visiting with my daughter and her family down the street, I began checking out the pics I had taken on the drive home. I wanted to capture the sunset in the trees! As an amateur photographer, I managed to catch enough of the beauty of the moment…my pics had only scratched the surface of what beauty had really been reflected in the mid April bare branched tree tops.

Then, something wonderfilled appeared in one of the pics…

Unintentionally, and through no awareness on my part, the camera caught the sunset…the source of the beauty bouncing off the tree tops! Although I did not realize the view in my rear view mirror, that view was actually the object of my camera’s direction!

I realized that while I was only seeing the reflection of HIS beauty in the trees and enjoying it immensely…HE wanted me to see what was creating this grandeur…

How can one see a sunset and not know it is the Son? and that all shall be well…




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