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A closer look



Yesterday I went to a beautiful baby shower given by my sister, Cynthia for her daughter, Genie. Genie looked like an angel! Cynthia’s home, besides smelling like a five star Italiano ristorante when I walked in, looked like a gathering from the past…so many familiar faces…lots of new faces…missing faces. Most of our “Greatest Generation” has passed on in my family so now family gatherings also include a feeling of tremendous gratitude for having had such wonderful women in my life…their spirits are always present!

Last week two members from the elite GG club passed away. Marge, the mother of a good friend and neighbor, and Clare, the grandmother of one of my nieces-in-law. Both beautiful women…

On the Friday before, I made cards. I used the words from Charles Dickens, “It is not a slight thing, when they so fresh from God, love us!”, for Genie’s baby shower card. His words always remind me of the gift babies are…very inspiring…a prayer for sure. “So fresh from God”.

While all my art supplies were on the table I also made Kitty and Samantha their sympathy cards. I’ve been using the card my Grandma Thibault sent to me when my father’s mom passed away in October of 1970 as an inspiration to express my symapathy…but Grandma’s words on the back of her card seem to say everything I want to convey, the best way.

I send copies of Grandma’s card along with a personal note of my own to family and friends who have lost their mother. The note on the back from my Grandma is still so precious to me and I know will be of some comfort to Kitty and Samantha for sure.

Grandma’s words and Mr. Dickens words combined played around in my head all Sunday afternoon at Genie’s shower…new babies…so fresh from God…old faces not present…spirits there…so fresh to God…it’s not a slight thing…love is big…like pregnant bellies…like Mamas in Heaven who will always be with us!


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