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Now for the rest of the story…


“The family that makes Ravioli together, stays together.”

May sound silly, (and you can replace the RAVIOLI word with any family recipe), but celebrating any holiday always includes tradition, which makes the holiday a HOLYDAY to really remember.

In our family RAVIOLI means, I LOVE YOU. When we gather together and serve these pockets of delight, the day becomes…sacred.

It isn’t just the fantabulous taste of the dish itself, it is the plethora of nostalgic moments we recall from sweet times that have passed…

Like this past Easter, my mother-in-law (94 years young!) was amazed at the entire process of preparing this Easter dinner extravaganza. She cheered the little ones on who were lining up the ravioli on trays, and congratulating the official dough roller man (her son) for cranking out a twenty two foot stream of pasta dough! She also inspired all of us to recall the recipe’s roots…the foothills of Alfedena, Italy! How far and from a long time ago our recipe had come!

Our ancestors rolled their dough out with a broomstick handle, cut each one out with the sharp rim of a drinking glass (most likely one of Papa’s favorite wine glasses) and pinched them closed with their fingertips; and all the while, recalling the reason for the celebration…the reason for always gathering at the table…LOVE…love of family, love of being together, love of special foods prepared for special days honoring their most cherished love of all, their love of God.


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