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Hosea and Raindrops in Rome

“I don’t want your offerings – I want you to know Me.” (Hosea 6:6)

Maybe the Bible verse I read this morning from my calendar of inspirational quotes hit me extra hard because of all the talk going on regarding the Conclave and the direction of the Catholic Church.

Between black smoke stack revues, the much anticipated WHITE smoke soon to billow, historical facts, predictions and a multitude of other concerns, my head is spinning. I wonder what God is thinking right now?

Yesterday morning before Cardinal Timothy Dolan entered the conclave he told one reporter that the falling rain in Rome was perhaps a sign from the Holy Spirit, a sign reminding him that HIS graces were already descending upon the entire city of Rome. I thought the same thing myself as I watched the crowd in St. Peter’s Square huddled under umbrellas while waiting for the first smoke to rise from the Sistine Chapel’s smokestack.

Grace…black smoke…raindrops…waiting…praying…
thinking…anticipated white smoke…moments in time.

“I want your love…I want you to know me.”

From the moment Jesus designated Peter to be the head of His Church to this very moment we live in now, it was ordained that WE, the Church, would come to truly love GOD. God wants our love. HE wants us to know HIM, intimately, through His Son, Jesus.

The Cardinals are gathered to choose the successor to Peter, the Rock, who was chosen by Jesus to shepherd HIS earthly flock to the gates of Heaven. A mighty role…an even mightier responsibility. Jesus, 2000 years ago, lightened the yoke and burden of this position by promising Peter that even the gates of Hell would not prevail against the Church!

With this promise in mind, and with the words from Hosea, I can now imagine God whispering in the ear of the soon to be chosen successor to Peter,
“Upon you is entrusted the magnificent responsibility to bring my Children back to me! Bring them to ME with all their hearts. I want them to love ME. I want them to know ME.”

With the Holy Spirit I want to whisper in this Cardinal’s other ear, “Yes, dear Holy Father soon to be, you can do this! We can do this.”



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