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Thoughts on a Holy Father…before his retirement.

BIG moment in time or little moment. Like beauty, is the magnitude of something in the eye (or soul) of the beholder?

I can’t help thinking about our Holy Father Benedict XVI (he is still the Pope until FEB 28, 8:00 pm Rome time) and what is going on in his heart, mind and soul today. I was just cleaning my kitchen floor and then I felt this desire to share an old woman’s thoughts about her Shepherd of her Church.

I am in no way an expert on anything, except maybe smiles on kids faces and the wisdom in elderly people’s eyes. However, at certain times like this, God infuses graces in many shapes and forms, if we are open to HIS influence.

Reading the past few addresses the Pope had given from his studio window at the Vatican, I felt many graces flow from his words to my heart, especially from this promise:

“The Lord has called me to go to the top of the hill in order to dedicate myself again to prayer and meditation…but this does not mean I shall abandon the Church”.

Benedict XVI was a good and faithful servant of the Lord.

“I have loved you with an everlasting love, I have called you and you are mine”. Yes, Lord…your servant Benedict was called and has served…and because of him, many of his flock hear your call to a holier life a little louder, and with much more understanding.



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