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OOOOps, I mean GAME OF THRONES…it is the best of television, and the worst of television. The story immediately pulled me in, absolutely wonderful. But in every episode there is at least one scene that almost negates every ounce of good this story intended. It isn’t necessary to SHOCK the audience or to give the audience their share of “THIS IS HBO” dose of uncalled for GARBAGE. A part of me says, “Just… don’t watch it!” Yet another part of me says, “Overlook the obscene and crude slap in the face from the Devil himself and enjoy (?) the series.”

Bolts of fabric spun from goodness and beauty and love yet laced with dark threads of mold and mildew and rotten guts. That’s HBO…that’s life. (I am woman, hear me roar!) (because I am almost 64)


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